“Caring for patients is a privilege. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on an individual’s health and life.”

“Caring for patients is a privilege. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on an individual’s health and life.”

Dermatology Services

General Dermatology

Dr. Thompson is a comprehensive skin, hair and nail expert who is equipped to treat all of your dermatologic conditions, from new bumps, to rashes to skin cancer. She has patients of all ages, from babies to 99 year olds, and often sees the whole family.

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Pediatric Dermatology

Children + Skin. Pediatric Dermatology is a favorite part of Dr. Thompson’s practice. She enjoys working with families to treat skin conditions in children, and has extensive training in the common skin diseases that affect youngsters. And as the mother of an active five-year-old, she’s no stranger to addressing their concerns—and their parents’.

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Surgical Dermatology

As a dermatopathologist, Dr. Thompson has a high level of expertise in skin cancers such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as common and rare benign tumors, skin tags, moles and cysts.

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Aesthetic Dermatology

As time passes, skin shows natural, inevitable signs of aging which present as sun damage, brown spots, wrinkling, and a dull, uneven skin tone. The good news: there are many non-surgical procedures that can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lighten brown spots, smooth uneven skin and produce a glowing result that makes your skin look as young as you feel.

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  • Our entire team is vaccinated against Covid-19
  • We continue to offer teledermatology visits by video or phone for most skin concerns. Please schedule by phone at 360-450-6800.
  • Patient and staff safety is our priority. Many safety measures have been implemented in our office. These include: asking you to wear a mask to your appointment; phone and in-person screenings, including temperature checks prior to appointments; and asking that the person who accompanies you remains in the car.

Safety Protocols:

Limited in person appointments. Dr. Thompson continues to offer visits by video or phone whenever possible. This saves the in-person visits for those who really need them and keeps a lower number of patients physically in the office.

Keeping physical distance. Upon arriving at our office, you will call to inform us that you have arrived for your appointment. We will meet you at your car, give you hand sanitizer, ask screening questions, and take your temperature. We will then escort you directly to the exam room for your dermatology visit. At the end of your visit, our receptionist will meet you in this same room for check-out and scheduling.

Masks on. All persons in the office will wear a mask at all times. We ask that you wear a mask upon arrival in our parking area. If you do not have one, we will give you a mask prior to your visit. The clinical team will be wearing protective masks when interacting with patients.

Staff screening. Our entire staff is screened each morning with health questions and temperature readings.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting. Exam rooms and all patient areas are cleaned with approved disinfectants before, between and after patient visits. Common areas for our team are cleaned multiple times each day.